SCAREDY CAT: Terrified Tiger Is Chased Off By Angry Goose

This is the hilarious moment a juvenile tiger is left terrified and trying to escape after being attacked by a goose.

The hilarious video was shot at Dongbeizhuang Safari Park in the prefecture-level city of Puyang in northeastern Henan Province, China, on 16 January.

The footage shows a room where animal cages are stacked up and a woman is cleaning the floor.

The tiger cub then discovered that there was a goose loose at the same time, and rushed over playfully but also scaring the goose, which tried to run off.

But the big bird turned the tables when it was cornered and decided to attack the tiger, which, shocked at the new state of affairs, ran off and crashed into a fake plastic rock.

It then scrambled on the wet floor to try and get further away and eventually decided the only safe place was a nearby cage – and it dashed inside.

Only at that point did the goose decide it was safe and made off.

A spokesman for the zoo said that the tiger, although much bigger, was only five months old and not very experienced – and that despite running into the rock, it had not been injured.

The spokesman said: “The two were just joking around”.