JUST HOPLESS: Tiger Cub Tries To Eat Rabbit in Chinese New Year Stunt

It was supposed to be a cute stunt to show the handover from the Year of the Tiger to the Year of the Rabbit at a zoo in northern China.

But it almost ended in disaster when a tiger cub representing the old year decided he wanted to hang around for just a bite longer.

Keepers at Linfen Zoo in Shanxi province brought together a real-life white rabbit and a tiger cub for the Chinese New Year handover on 22nd Janaury.

And while the stunt – in front of specially-invited Chinese media – went well at first it did not take long for the tiger’s true nature to take over.

Staff members hold the tiger cub and a rabbit at Linfen Zoo in Shanxi province, China, undated. The tiger cub bit the rabbit. (Lulu161102/AsiaWire)

As hapless keepers put the animals on the table for a photocall, video footage shows how the tiger pounced and clamped its jaws round the rabbit’s neck.

Then as the rabbit squealed in terror, keepers desperately pulled the tiger cub off the rabbit’s back.

After a dramatic cut in the filming the animals reappear but this time firmly clamped in their keepers’ arms.

The tiger seems to be frustrated at the delay to its impromptu lunch and the rabbit is clearly a bit worse for wear.

Wildlife fans are wondering what stunt the zoo has planned for next year when the rabbit gives way to the Year of the Dragon.

Tiger cub attacks rabbit at Linfen Zoo in Shanxi province, China, undated. The staff hurriedly pulled it away. (Lulu161102/AsiaWire)

Barbecue anyone?

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