Man Slides On Bum To Escape Sliding Bus

Story By: Lee Bullen, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder

Video Credit: CEN

This is the near-death moment a slipping bus smashes into a car as the motorist jumps out and slides on the ice right in front of it as bystanders scream.

The near-miss took place in the city of Kayseri in the central Turkish province of the same name following a period of freezing temperatures and hazardous road conditions.

In the video footage, a car is seen sliding to a stop with its back end hanging out into the road.

As the motorist slowly gets out of the driver’s seat, the bus is seen approaching the vehicle unable to slow down on the slippery road.

A crowd of onlookers can see what is about to happen and start shouting at the driver to get out of the way.

With the out-of-control bus just feet from his car, the man scrambles out of the driver’s seat and starts to run just as the bus crashes into the his car, sending it spinning onto the pavement.

Picture Credits: CEN

The man meanwhile continues to run down the slippery road with the huge vehicle centimetres behind him and at one point he slumps on his backside and uses the icy downhill slope to pick up some speed in a bid to get out of the way of the bus.

Meanwhile, the bus’ brakes screech as the driver tries to bring the heavy vehicle to a stop.

The man arrives at the group of onlookers a split second before the bus, and several men grab him and pull him clear in the nick of time.

The bus’s wheels lock as the vehicle skids to a stop several metres further down the road with the passengers staring out of smashed windows in disbelief.

The motorist is not believed to have been injured.