Man Jumps In Front Of Train And Body Flies Into Others

Story byGabriel ZamfirSub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/Israel Railways

This is the startling moment a man jumps in front of a moving train and his body is sent speeding back across the platform, hitting two others who somersault to the ground.

The disturbing scene was recorded by a security camera at Beit Yehoshua railway station, near the city of Netanya in the Central District of Israel.

In the video, a train can be seen speeding into a the platform when a man jumps in front of it.

The suicidal man, reportedly in his thirties, is hit by the front of the speeding train and his body is sent flying back across the platform.

The man’s body skids across the platform at a startling speed, hitting two passengers waiting for a train and sending them somersaulting to the ground.

Local media report the suicidal man was treated by paramedics but declared dead at the scene and one of those hit on the platform, 46, suffered moderate injuries and was hospitalised.

Orian Lukac, one of the paramedics who arrived on the scene, described it as “shocking” and told reporters the victim’s injuries were “severe”.

Four people have reportedly been treated for “emotional stress” as they were in shock after witnessing the incident.

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Picture Credit: CEN

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