Vandal Paints Train Bright Pink As It Passes At 80mph

Story byBartosz StaszewskiSub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/Koleje Dolnoslaskie S.A.

This is the bizarre moment a vandal paints a train bright pink – as it shoots past him at 80 mph.

The incident was caught on the security cameras of the train as it approached Wroclaw-Lesnica station outside of the city of Wroclaw in western Poland’s Silesia region.

The footage shows the man wearing white overalls and clutching a powerful paint gun as he stands on land beside the railway tracks.

He pulls the trigger as the train shoots by at 130 kph (80 mph) – spraying bright pink paint all over the bodywork and windows.

The security camera captures his unusual stunt until it too is covered in paint and can no longer record what is happening.

The railway company, ‘Koleje Dolnoslaskie’ (Lower Silesian Railways), is offering a 5,000 PLN (1,030 GBP) reward for information leading to the man responsible being identified.

Spokesman Boguslaw Goldewski said: “This person carried out an act of vandalism using a paint sprayer. As a result, the train was covered with pink paint over its entire length.

“It was extremely irresponsible and dangerous behaviour that could have had many negative consequences. Any sudden braking would have been dangerous for travellers.”

Passengers were reportedly surprised and frightened when they saw the man with his paint gun, not realising what was happening at first.

One of them later shared a video showing the outside of the train – partially coated with pink paint – in the station.

The video of the incident is proving popular online where netizen ‘marcinponiewierski’ said: “Lock him in a pink cell. You pay for your stupidity.”

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Picture Credit: CEN/Koleje Dolnoslaskie S.A.

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