Breastfeeding Mum Falls Asleep And Kills 3-Day-Old Baby

Story BySibel AbdiuSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyAsia Wire Report

Police are investigating after a young mum told cops she accidentally killed her three-day-old baby when she fell asleep while breastfeeding the tot.

The 22-year-old mother, named only as Rabia H., told cops she fell asleep while breastfeeding her newborn baby at her home in the city of Bursa in north-western Turkey’s Bursa Province.

She said that when she awoke she realised to her horror that her baby did not appear to be breathing and woke her husband Sadi H., 32.

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Sadi H. immediately called the emergency services and an ambulance raced to their home but paramedics determined that the baby had already died.

The ambulance service notified police who interviewed both parents at their home in the Osmangazi district of the city.

The distraught mother, who refused to be separated from the body of her child, is believed to have suffered a breakdown because of the shock.

Rabia H., in her statement, tearfully told cops she had fallen asleep while breastfeeding because she was so tired and must have accidentally smothered the baby.

The police investigation into the baby’s death continues.

Bursa is Turkey’s fourth biggest city and the central Osmangazi district is one of the country’s biggest neighbourhoods. It would be the country’s eighth largest city on its own.