Man Arrested For Setting Fire To Sleeping Homeless Pair

Story ByAna LacasaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

Video Credit: CEN

Police have arrested a suspect after two homeless men sleeping under a bridge set of fire and the sick footage was then posted on social media.

The incident took place under a bridge on Avenue General Paz, in the neighbourhood of Mataderos, in the eastern Argentine capital Buenos Aires and was recorded by one of the aggressors.

The clip was shared on YouTube by ‘Defendamos Buenos Aires’ where it has been viewed 77,000 times.

Pictures Credit: CEN

In the video, the driver can be seen pulling up under the bridge in a Volkswagen when a chubby thug gets out and walks up to the homeless men sleeping on the pavement.

The yob appears to pour a flammable liquid on one of the men’s mattresses and then sets it on fire before jogging back to the car which then drives away.

The homeless men can be seen engulfed in flames as the camera points back towards them.

According to local media, investigators managed to identify the heavyset suspect and arrested him at a relative’s home in the area of Mataderos close to where the incident took place.

The suspect, named as Damian Calabro, was identified from the social media video as well as CCTV cameras mounted in the area, according to reports.

Meanwhile, one of the victims managed to walk to a hospital for treatment to the burn injuries on his face and arms, and was released several days later.

It is currently unknown what happened to the second homeless man, who has reportedly disappeared.

It is believed that Calabro was accompanied by an accomplice who was driving the vehicle and is still at large.

The investigation continues.