Sleeping 4yo Forgotten On Bus Dies From Heatstroke

Story ByBuli LiangSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyAsia Wire Report

This four-year-old schoolboy has died from heatstroke after he fell asleep on a school bus and his teacher forgot about him for three hours.

The incident happened when the boy, named as Zhouzhou in reports, was on his way to the Jinse Yaolan nursery in the city of Wanning, in Hainan Province in southern China.

Local media report Zhouzhou left his mother in the morning and got onto the bus being driven by Wen Qiang along with teacher Fu Hua.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The four-year-old reportedly fell asleep on the bus and neither the driver nor teacher remembered to take him off the bus. The driver then went home, leaving the boy on the bus for three hours in the heat. 

The driver then returned to find the youngster passed out from heatstroke and the tot was also suffering from dehydration, according to reports.

Zhouzhou was taken to Wangning People Hospital and the president of the nursery, Zhang Yu, then called his mother, surnamed Cai, to tell her that he had been taken into hospital.

She told reporters that when she saw her son: “He wanted to talk to me but no voice came from his mouth when he moved it slightly. Who knew we were saying a final farewell that morning he went to the nursery. 

“Zhouzhou must have been sleeping in the bus and the teacher did not check the number of students. I can’t accept this tragedy.”

The boy died after two days in hospital and his grandmother told reporters: “His body and legs all turned red and black.”

Police have arrested the nursery president Zhang Yu, teachers Fu Hua and Lin Na, and the driver Wen Qiang for further investigation.

After the accident, many parents have reportedly chosen to take their kids to the nursery by themselves.

One student’s father told reporters: “The teacher is irresponsible. Everyone wants their kid to be safe. I don’t want my kid to go on that school bus anymore.”