Lorry Loses Tyre On Busy Motorway And Overturns

Story By: Bartosz Staszewski, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: CEN

Video Credit: CEN/trojmiasto.pl

This is the moment a lorry heading down a motorway at speed suddenly veers off the road and up onto a mound before spectacularly overturning onto the tarmac after losing a tyre.

The startling incident was recorded by a driver’s dashboard camera on a ring road near the Tri-City metropolitan area in the Pomeranian Voivodeship, northern Poland. 

In the video, in which a radio is playing in the background, the blue lorry can be seen making its way towards the camera when one of its wheels comes loose.

Pictures Credit: CEN/trojmiasto.pl

The lorry driver loses control of the vehicle and cannot stop it from mounting a snowy mound by the side of the road.

The cabin goes up the mound before overturning as the lorry jackknifes on the busy road.

The trailer is also sent crashing to the ground as the vehicle blocks off two lanes of traffic and another driver narrowly avoids a collision.

Five fire engines were reportedly called to the scene and the road was closed for eight hours.

Karina Kaminska from the Gdansk police told local media that the lorry driver was wounded and transported to hospital. 

Kaminska added: “We are trying to determine what the immediate cause was, which is why the vehicle will be secured for the process. The lorry driver went to hospital. Policemen and firemen worked on the scene, because traffic conditions on the ring road are still difficult. We are currently waiting for a specialist tug, which will lift the overturned vehicle.”

No other injuries were reported in the incident and the reader who sent the video to local news site ‘trojmiasto.pl’ said that the traffic jam caused by the crash was six kilometres (3.7 miles) long. 

Netizen ‘Januszz4’ wrote: “The driver of the Volkswagen Caddy was very lucky.” 

While ‘Luke Jurys’ commented: “As far as I know, wheels do not get unscrewed by themselves…”