London Students Penis Waffle Shop A Success In Madrid

Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News 

A Spanish entrepreneur – who studied in London – has launched a shop offering these XXL penis-shaped waffles and is flourishing in the centre of Madrid’s gay community.

The name of the new waffle shop is ‘La Polleria’ and it is located in the gay neighbourhood of Chueca in the Spanish capital Madrid in central Spain.

Picture Credit: CEN/@lapolleriachueca

The penis waffles are called ‘Pollofres’ (referring to the word ‘polla’ – a vulgar word for penis in Spanish) and customers can reportedly order an XXL-size waffle for 3.80 EUR (3.17 GBP) adding as many toppings as they want for 0.50 EUR (0.42 GBP) each.

The owner of the shop is a 24-year-old entrepreneur named Pedro Buerbaum who recently moved from the Canary Islands to Madrid.

According to local media, Buerbaum decided to launch the new product this winter with the cold temperatures as he has another ice cream shop in the neighbourhood of Malasana which sells ordinary waffles.

Picture Credit: CEN/@lapolleriachueca

Buerbaum told local: “The idea simply came to my mind. I thought it was a good idea and it has turned into a success”

He added: “I decided to serve waffles and I ordered the moulds from the catalogue of a Chinese Factory. They had everything: bears, fish, flowers and all kind of shapes that one can imagine. And then I thought f*ck these Chinese, they even have sexual moulds.”

The young entrepreneur is not a cook or a confectioner and claims he came up with the idea of opening his own ice-cream shop while he was studying in New York.

He said to local media: “I studied an international degree for two years in Tenerife then another in London and then another one in Los Angeles. I thought about staying in the United States to open an ice-cream shop. I moved back to Tenerife because I had family problems.”

Reports said the penis waffles shop is open in the afternoons between 16:00 p.m. and 23:00 p.m. with customers already queuing to buy their XXL waffles.

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