Cute Bear Cubs Learn To Climb Tree After Hibernation

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Video Credit: CEN/@NadlesnictwoBaligrodLasyPanstwowe – Kazimierz Nozka

This is the moment two adorable bear cubs learn to climb a tree as their proud mother watches just days after they emerged from hibernation.

The footage shows the young bears are seen playing with each other and learning to climb a tree in the Bieszczady Mountains, near the village of Baligrod in south-eastern Poland’s Subcarpathian Voivodeship region.

They were filmed by forest ranger Kazimierz Nozka from Nadlesnictwo Baligrod in the Bieszczady Mountains.

Mr Nozka said the warmer weather was now bringing the bears out of their winter shelters after hibernation.

This was the first time Mr Nozka, who shared the clip on social media, had seen bear cubs playing out in the open this spring.

Some netizens fell in love with the cuddly bears featured in the clip.

Netizen ‘ojejeku jejku’ commented: “They are so cute!” while ‘awww’ wrote: “Just look at their cute and fluffy ears.” 

However, others on the internet warned Mr Nozka about the risks of getting close to the youngsters with their mum around

Netizen ‘Mlot na czarownice’ warned: “Being so close to a mother with her cubs is not the smartest idea…”

There are around 200 brown bears (Ursus arctos) living in the mountains along Poland’s southern border.

They form part of Europe’s largest bear population – the 8,000-strong Carpathian population which stretches down through Slovakia, Ukraine, Serbia and Romania.

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Picture Credit: CEN/@NadlesnictwoBaligrodLasyPanstwowe – Kazimierz Nozka

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