Jilted Man Who Stabbed Dead Beautiful Ex In Revenge For Breakup Shot Dead By Her Brother

This beautiful young mum of two was stabbed to death by her ex who was subsequently shot and killed by her brother who witnessed the attack and intervened.

Thais Correa Lemes da Silva, aged 23, was stabbed to death in the municipality of Tres Barras in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina on the afternoon of 25th August.

The prime suspect is the young woman’s ex-boyfriend, 32-year-old Carlos Alberto Becker Ribeiro, who also injured Thais’s 40-year-old mum, Sonia, in the attack.

Thais Correa Lemes da Silva who was stabbed to death in Tres Barras in Santa Catarina, Brazil in August 2021. (Newsflash)

The police said the crime took place despite an active restraining order taken out by Thais against the suspect.

The couple had been living in the city of Joinville, but Thais moved back to her parents’ house in Tres Barras following their breakup.

According to the police, the victim found out her ex had travelled to Tres Barras and she stayed off work to protect herself.

However, the suspect found her out with her mum and later attacked Thais with a knife inside their home, also stabbing Sonia in the stomach when she tried to intervene, according to local media.

Sonia had to be taken to A&E in the neighbouring municipality of Canoinhas. She suffered a perforation to the liver and underwent an operation on 25th August.

Carlos Alberto Ribeiro, the suspect for the murder of Thais Correa Lemes da Silva in Tres Barras in Santa Catarina, Brazil in August 2021. (Newsflash)

Thais died at the scene of the attack.

Thais’ 21-year-old brother witnessed the attack and tried to save his family members by firing at the aggressor with a shotgun. He later told the police he was unsure if he hit him.

The two men then started to grapple and Thais’ brother was injured with a stab wound to the left arm, according to news sites G1 and V Vale, or to the neck, according to local news site Aconteceu em Joinville.

It is unclear if Thais’ brother shot dead the aggressor at the scene or if he later died from his injuries. However, it was reported that he managed to disarm the older man before being taken to a local hospital.

Thais was buried in Joinville yesterday on 26th August. She leaves behind two children. It was not reported if the suspect, whose body was also taken to Joinville, is their biological father.

The police are investigating the case.