Baby Girl Found Abandoned Next To Murdered Mums Corpse

Story By: Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Newsflash

This baby girl was hospitalised after she was left lying next to her murdered mother’s body for two days before worried relatives broke down the door.

Ekaterina Telkina, 27, was found dead in her locked apartment on Prtizanskaya street, in Moscow, the capital of Russia, with police believing her flatmate carried out the killing before going on the run.

The young mother’s hungry and thirsty one-year-old daughter Eva was found next to her mum’s corpse.

Newsflash/Ekaterina Telkina

Police said that Elkaterina’s body was found battered and bruised indicating a violent death for police who are carrying out a murder enquiry.

According to preliminary data, the young mother was murdered by her cohabitant who went on the run after the suspected murder. She was later detained cops and placed in a pretrial detention centre.

The tot had not eaten or drunk anything and was hospitalised after medics found her suffering from exhaustion and nervous stress.

Local media reported that she has since been taken taken into care by her aunt.

The alarm was raised after relatives had not heard from the young mum in two days despite keeping in contact with her on a regular basis.

The suspect’s identity remains unknown along with a motive for the murder.

The investigation is currently ongoing.

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