Italian Cops Bust Illegal Vehicle Ring By Seizing Over 200 Cars Worth Millions

The video shows police officers seizing more than 200 stolen or forged vehicles amounting to millions of euros in value.

The illicit vehicles, which were reportedly stolen or brought into the country with forged documents. Were seized as part of a special operation called ‘Copenhagen’, on 26th January.

To combat vehicle laundering, cops uncovered a network that was illegally registering vehicles using forged or stolen foreign documentation before reintroducing them into the Italian market.

Police reportedly began investigating the illegal network in 2021.

They said in a statement obtained by Clipzilla: “From the investigations carried out throughout Italy. Irregular procedures for recycling vehicles accompanied by Danish or Spanish documents have come to light.

“The objective in the various nationalisation practices, aimed at recycling the vehicles, usually medium and high range. Was to ‘clean up’ a stolen vehicle mainly in the same area of ​​discovery, through documentation that would make it appear to have regular origins from another state.

“Thanks to this activity, in addition to the recovery of hundreds of vehicles, various types of crime have been highlighted, from those of a fiscal nature such as VAT evasion, to actual money laundering.”

Investigations are ongoing to dismantle the illicit operation and bring those responsible to justice.