Incredible Rescue Of Criminal From Capsized Stolen Yacht Who Had Vandalised Goonies House

A man wanted by US police after he dumped a load of fish on the doorstep of a house featured in The Goonies was arrested after a coast guard rescue when a boat he had stolen capsised.

A video of the shocking incident shows US Coast Guard crews hovering over the boat as it is hit by a huge wave and turns over shortly before the rescue from the Columbia river.

The river is the largest North American river flowing into the Pacific Ocean and is known as “the graveyard of the Pacific” for its notoriously rough seas.

The rescusers later discovered the boat was an allegedly stolen P/C Sandpiper yacht belonging to a lawyer.

The aircrews of the US Coast Guard has been conducting a training mission at the mouth of the Columbia River when the boat got into difficulties.


They were able to reach him in only minutes after receiving a ‘MAYDAY’ broadcast from the stolen vessel.

Aircrews had him enter the water when rescue by boat was deemed to be too dangerous after the yacht overturned.

A swimmer was able to get Labonte and safely recover him out of the river.

Labonte was reportedly flown back to Coast Guard Base Astoria where he was treated by medics.

After the Coast Guard shared footage of the rescue, local police recognised the yacht to be a vessel that was previously reported stolen.

Although it took a while, police soon realised that the rescued man and boat thief, as well as the crook dumping dead fish in front of the ‘Goonies’ house were all Labonte.

He was then taken into custody on charges of theft, criminal mischief, endangering another person and unauthorized use of a vehicle.

The man who saved Labonte’s life reportedly said he has no regrets.