Hot Air Balloon Crashes Into Power Lines And Knocks Out Electricity In Kazakh City

This is the moment the operator of a hot air balloon crashes into power lines, burns a huge hole in the fabric envelope, and leaves three communities without power.

The accident was filmed in the Kazakh city of Shymkent near the border with Uzbekistan at around 8.30pm on 6th May.

According to the news site Nur, the hot air balloon operator lost control in strong winds and crashed into power lines, knocking out the electricity in three different areas in the city.


Around 4,000 residents in the areas of Turan, Asar-2, and Shimsiti were left without power and the local authorities sent teams to the area to begin repair work.

The incident is currently under investigation by the local police.

In the footage, the hot air balloon is seen flying low near some houses before crashing into the power lines.


A large flash is seen as the balloon nearly tips upside down and an approaching car comes to a stop.

In the second clip, the balloon’s envelope is seen with a huge burn hole in the fabric as the operator manages to get some lift to avoid hitting a building before apparently landing just behind it.

It is unclear if the balloon operator, unnamed, was injured in the incident.