Hospital Security Punch Man For Parking In Wrong Spot

Story By: Sibel Abdiu, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency:Central European News

Video Credit: CEN

This is the moment two hospital security guards attack an OAP for parking in the wrong spot of onlookers try to stop the violence.

The incident was filmed on a smartphone by a witness and took place at the Yedikule Pulmonology Hospital in Turkey’s largest city of Istanbul, when the driver, whose identity has not been disclosed, was reportedly attacked by the two men.

The video shows the two officers punching the driver in the head as he tries to move away.

He then tries to fight back as a few passersby approach in a bid to stop the fight.

A man wearing a red jacket manages to hold one of the security officers back as they are both seen leaving the scene.

Apparently frustrated, one of the officers picks a jumper up off the pavement and throws it towards the person filming them.

It is not known whether an investigation has been opened.

Netizen ‘Aieaa’ commented: “Those security officers think they are cops. They are good for nothing. I have also seen security officers at hospitals giving a hard time to patients. I condemn them. They should be fired right away.”

‘Misafir’ added: “Who do they think they are? Aren’t they ashamed of attacking an older man, these idiots should be fired.”

And ‘Iran Azeri Safevisi’ wrote: “Shame on you, two people attacking an older man, it’s such a shame.”

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Picture Credit: CEN

Sibel Abdiu

I have worked as a correspondent covering news from Turkey and Albania for several years now.

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