Horror Moment Man Sets Self Alight In Tunisia To Protest Poor Living Standards

This is the shocking moment a man sets himself alight in a city centre to protest the poor living conditions amid Tunisia’s political crisis.

The incident was filmed on Avenue Habib Bourguiba in the Tunisian capital Tunis and the footage has been widely shared on social media over the weekend.

According to the news site Al Arabiya, the 35-year-old man, name not disclosed, died in hospital of serious burns injuries after setting himself ablaze in the centre of Tunis in protest at poor living conditions.

In the first video, the man is seen waving his arms around while completely ablaze before running along the road and apparently collapsing behind a parked car as a crowd starts to gather.

The second clip shows the man still on fire on the ground while onlookers rush over and a fire extinguisher is used to put out the flames.

As the air is filled with smoke, the man is seen lying motionless on the ground, apparently completely black and charred.

The burned man then suddenly lifts his top body and sits up on the street as the video ends.

One eyewitness, who declined to reveal his name, told local media that the man who committed self-immolation arrived on Avenue Habib Bourguiba with his youngest child. It is unclear if the minor witnessed the act.

The 35-year-old victim was taken to hospital where he reportedly succumbed to his injuries a short time later.

Tunisia’s political crisis began on 25th July when President Kais Saied sacked Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi and invoked emergency powers from Article 80 of the country’s Constitution, suspending parliament as a result.

On 24th August, President Saied extended the suspension of parliament, raising concerns about the future of democracy in Tunisia.

Protests have been taking place in the country both in favour and in opposition to the leader’s actions.