Homeless Dad On A Mission To Beat Daughter’s USD 250k Win Pockets USD 300k Jackpot

A dad who was on a mission to beat his daughter’s USD 250,000 lottery win has pocketed a USD 300,000 jackpot after trying for three years and being homeless until a month ago.

Dwayne Skidmore from the city of Jerome, in Jerome County, Idaho State, USA, poses in undated photo. He won USD 300,000 (GBP 248,055) on the lottery on Mar. 6, 2023. (Idaho Lottery/Newsflash)

The man, who has been named only as Dwayne, 45, from the city of Jerome in Idaho, was reportedly homeless until about a month ago, when a family member opened up their home to him.

He was then able to buy a car, which he drove to collect his big win after playing the lottery for years in a bid to top his daughter Brittany’s USD 250,000 (GBP 207,220) win.

And sure enough, he bought a winning ticket that netted him USD 300,000 (GBP 250,000).

Newsflash obtained a statement from the Idaho Lottery on Thursday, 16th March, saying: “Dwayne has lived in Jerome for most of his life, and for the past three years he has been on a mission to win more than his daughter, Brittany. Yes, you read that correctly!

“Brittany won USD 250,000 on a Scratch Ticket about three years ago and it showed Dwayne that people really do win.”

Dwayne said: “I mean I had played here and there, but I didn’t believe anyone actually won big prizes. Once Brittany did, I knew I could beat her.”

The lottery officials added: “When he decided to purchase his winning USD 30 (GBP 24.86) ticket at his local Oasis Stop ‘N Go, he simply scratched the barcode and scanned it at the register, hopeful for USD 50 (GBP 41.45).”

Dwayne said: “It’s like fireworks started coming out of the register! I almost had a heart attack.”

The statement said: “All the cashier could tell him was to contact the lottery, because he probably won $1,000! Immediately, Dwayne took his ticket to Arctic Circle to snack while actually playing the ticket. At 45 years old, he thought it was kind of neat that one of his numbers was 45. Well, to his surprise, that number 45 won him USD 300,000!”

Lottery official said that until recently, Dwayne had been homeless. They said: “When asked what he planned to do with his prize, he opened up to us about his life and how it’s been going recently. Up until a month ago, Dwayne had been homeless, doing his best to keep him and his wife on their feet. When a family member opened up their home to them, he couldn’t believe it.”

Dwayne said: “I mean, with their help we were able to just buy our own car. We drove it here today! I can’t believe how much our lives have changed in such little time. First we have a new place to call home, then a car, now this?

“As thankful as I am, I can’t sit here and spend all this money when so many people need help. A lot of my prize is going towards my friends and family, to help them as much as I can.”

The lottery officials added: “Dwayne, your story and perseverance is truly inspiring, thank you for being vulnerable with us.

“You are more than deserving of this prize, and our hearts are full as we imagine the lives that are going to vastly improve because of it, including yours.

“We appreciate that you traveled here in your new car to pick up your big check, and hope you have some fun with it!”