Hit-And-Run Driver Sends Women Spinning In The Air

Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire

A traffic camera has captured the horrific moment two female pedestrians crossing a road are sent somersaulting through the air when a hit-and-run driver with no licence slams into them from behind.

Police in the city of Chaozhou in China’s southern province of Guangdong say pedestrians Ms Wang and Ms Xiong were both seriously injured during the collision, with the former being declared dead in hospital.

The crash was captured on camera at just after 2am local time on 20th July when the two victims can be seen crossing the multi-lane Xinyang Road.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

The driver surnamed Lu, 24, can be seen coming into view and changing lanes in an apparent bid to avoid a scooter, but he ends up crashing straight into the women who were completely unprepared.

Ms Wang and Ms Xiong are both sent flying and spin several times in the air before flying out of frame.

Lu does not stop and fled the scene of the crime, Chaozhou police said.

Ms Wang reportedly died in hospital following failed attempts to revive her, while Ms Xiong remains in treatment.

The authorities say Lu turned himself in and admitted he did not have a driving licence.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

He will be charged over the accident, as well as receive punishment for his lack of permit and his hit-and-run offence.

However, prosecutors may not find Lu fully liable for the accident, as failing to use a pedestrian crossing to cross a road a road is against the law in mainland China.

Social media user ‘Tongfu Wuguan Daiyanren’ said: “The driver didn’t slow down, but the victims didn’t check for cars either.”

‘Rangyiyi Fazidanfei’ added: “They crossed the road like they were walking in their sitting room at home.”

Investigations are still ongoing.

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