Hilarious Moment Young Woman Is Sent Flying On Running Machine

This is the hilarious moment a young Chinese woman takes a sip of water, steps on a running machine, unaware that it is moving, and is sent flying.

The amusing footage of the accident, which has gone viral, was taken in Anshan, which is a city in China’s north-eastern Liaoning province.

The CCTV footage shows the gym with a number of running machines along one wall. A young woman in pink is seen enthusiastically jogging on one of the machines as her friend, in yellow training pants, walks over while drinking from her water bottle.

Woman steps on moving treadmill and falls on the floor in Anshan, China. (Lxy12230117/AsiaWire)

Because she is distracted, she does not realise that the running machine that she is about to stand on is moving.

Her legs are then whipped out from underneath her and she lands on the machine, holding onto the handlebar in an attempt not to be sent flying. But she quickly loses her grip, and is unceremoniously dumped on her bottom on the floor, where she is left kicking her legs in frustration as her worried friend runs over.

The hilarious footage was shared online, where it quickly went viral.

Woman goes towards the treadmill in Anshan, China. (Lxy12230117/AsiaWire)

Fortunately, she was not hurt, although her ego may have taken a bruising, given how widely the video was shared and the large number of comments it attracted.