Bizarre Footage Shows How Chinese Woman Gave Her Pet Rooster A Manicure

These bizarre videos show how a Chinese woman gave her pet rooster a manicure.

Footage shows the adult male bird with each of its 10 toenails painted a different bright colour and studded with shiny and sparkly beads.

It can also be seen with bead-encrusted rings around one of its toes and one of its legs.

Woman does manicure on pet rooster in Shanghai, China. (1435107181/AsiaWire)

The footage was reportedly filmed in China’s biggest city, Shanghai, and dates from Saturday, 5th March.

The rooster’s owner reportedly gave the pet a manicure while it was dozing, and it reportedly embraced the pampering.

The woman reportedly had to buy the manicure set online herself, as the local nail salon, used to treating only women, refused to treat the bird.

Woman does manicure on pet rooster in Shanghai, China. (1435107181/AsiaWire)

Apart from giving it a manicure, the unnamed woman reportedly bathes the rooster every day and regularly grooms its snow-white feathers.

As chicken feet are considered a delicacy in China, one netizen complained: “Chicken feet that have been manicured affect the taste.”

And a Chinese reporter suggested that the video underlined how people often have greater feelings for their pets than they do for their own parents these days.

Woman did manicure on pet rooster in Shanghai, China. (1435107181/AsiaWire)

The reporter also suggested the woman’s time could better be spent reading and studying and that her money could better be spent on her human family.

Other netizens, however, suggested that what the woman gets up to is her own business and we should not criticise her choices.