Pair Fined For Breaking Lockdown Pretending To Be Dog

Story By: Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Newsflash


This is the bizarre moment a man breaks coronavirus lockdown by ‘walking’ another man who is barking on all fours on a lead and the pair have been fined for the stunt.

This bizarre scene took place in the west-central Romanian city of Bumbesht-Jiu in Gorj County and was recorded by an onlooker before being posted onto social media.

In the video, a man can be seen on all fours with a lead tied around his waist as another man ‘walks’ him.


The man holding the lead then ‘pets’ his pal who later begins ‘barking’ and female voice-off camera says: “What a naughty dog you have”, while another male voice comments: “You got outside to walk your Pekinese?!”

Local media report the man with the lead in his hand is an unnamed 35-year-old resident and the other, crawling on his knees, was as an unnamed 45-year-old.

According to the local police department who were called to the scene, the two men were fined 200 RON (36.7 GBP) each.

An official spokesperson for the Gorj County Police Department, Victor Tsukhashu, said: “These two persons were charged 200 RON each according to Article 61/1991 for violating norms of social coexistence, of public order and peace.”

Netizen ‘Violeta Bordea’ said: “This is unbelievable. How can you be so retarded to do something like this?!”

Another internet user named ‘Mihai Draghichi’ commented: “Those men are supposed to be charged way more severely so they would not even think of it next time.”

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