Girls Aged 12 And 13 Who Killed Pal And Then Posted TikTok Dance Vid Forced To Flee Home To Safe House

The families of the two girls accused of killing a classmate when she reported them for bullying have been forced to flee their homes to escape a wave of hatred in their small-town German homes.

Luise Frisch, aged 12, poses in undated photo. She was killed in the town of Freudenberg, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. (Newsflash)

The two girls, aged 12 and 13, are too young to be prosecuted but while authorities consider their options, they were forced to offer safe accommodation to the two girls and their families away from their homes in the town of Freudenberg, in North Rhine-Westphalia State, Germany.

The district administrator of Siegen-Wittgenstein, Andreas Mueller, confirmed the move saying: “We have made a corresponding offer for joint accommodation. The offer was accepted.”

It is believed the accommodation is in a psychiatric accommodation where the families, as well as the girls, can get professional care.

It comes as the family of the victim, 12-year-old Luise Frisch, spoke for the first time about the tragedy, saying: “You can’t see sorrow, you can’t hear it – you can only feel it.

“There are no words to understand the incomprehensible. For us, the world stands still.”

Although too young to be prosecuted, the two girls Luisa Halberstadt, 13, and Anna-Marie Hoffman, 12, who are suspected of the attack, could find themselves confined in a psychiatric facility, which would mean being removed from their parents.

It could also include a court order that they and their families have to pay compensation.

Image shows tribute to Luise Frisch, aged 12, undated photo. She was killed by two girls, aged 12 and 13, in the town of Freudenberg, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. (Newsflash)

If a ruling for financial compensation is made, the parents would be responsible and it would remain active for up to 30 years after it was imposed.

It is also possible that when the pair are old enough, if still not settled, they might also have to start paying as soon as they start earning.

The two suspects confessed to having stabbed Luise a total of 32 times with a nail file, before throwing her down a steep embankment in a forest near their hometown.

After the incident that reportedly took place after a play date on Saturday, 11th March, they both placed a plastic bag over the victim’s head in order to cover their crime.

In addition, the older girl Halberstadt allegedly threatened the younger girl Hoffman to “hit her with a stone”, or suffer the same fate.

Investigators suspected that the victim could have been alive when she was thrown down the hill, but later succumbed to the injuries.

They also believe that the stabbing happened during a heated argument that began when the victim made fun of her best friend’s family. Other speculations claim that the girls competed over a boy.

Luise F., aged 12, poses in undated photo. She was killed in the town of Freudenberg, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. (Polizei Siegen-Wittgenstein/Newsflash)

One day after the attack, the girls posted a video of themselves dancing on TikTok, around the same time police recovered their victim’s disfigured body.

She was found in an area of woodland near a disused train station in Wildenburg, some two kilometres (1.2 miles) from her home, on Sunday afternoon (12th March).

They were caught after investigators questioned the victim’s friends and peers and found glaring contradictions in the two girls’ versions of events.

Homicide Department Head Florian Locker, said: “The children then admitted to the crime. Their statements could also be supported by evidence.”

Magistrate Thorsten Schleif, 43, said: “They are in a youth welfare facility, possibly in a psychiatric ward.

“Whether they are housed in a closed facility depends on whether they pose a threat to others or to themselves.”

When asked whether the suspects must change their identity, Schleif said: “That is neither mandatory nor the rule. It is more likely that the families will move.”

Image shows the former train station where Luise F., aged 12, was found, undated photo. The incident happened in the town of Freudenberg, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. (Newsflash)

Child therapist Miriam Hoff, aged 48, showed no optimism that the girls would soon return to a normal lifestyle.

Hoff explained that Halberstadt and Hoffman’s future depends completely on the youth welfare office and added: “It takes years of therapy to process such a crime.

“What is also crucial: Do the perpetrators have personality disorders that manifest themselves early on? Or do they have previous mental illnesses?”

Luise’s memorial will take place at the town’s Evangelical Church on Wednesday, 22nd March.

The obituary said: “We ask for your understanding that family and friends would like to accompany Luise there in peace on her last trip.”