Girl, 8, Running With Pencil Impales Hand While Playing

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These images show a young girl who impaled her palm with a pencil after holding it as she ran around playing with a pal.

The eight-year-old, whose name has not been mentioned, claims she was playing around with a classmate when she hit a desk and the pencil shot into her right palm.

Images from Xuzhou Renci Hospital in China’s eastern Jiangsu Province show the front of the possible buried deep in the girl’s hand, while no traces of blood are visible on her wound.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Hand surgeon Li Gang said: “About 2 centimetres (0.8 inches) of the pencil was inside the girl’s palm, causing damage to her muscles and some of her nerves.”

The child was taken into surgery and the pencil was carefully removed, with medics then mending her damaged nerves before suturing her wound.

The girl recalled: “[My classmate] scared me and I hit my hand on the wooden desk, and the pencil went in.”

According to local media, she had been running while holding the pencil.

The schoolgirl’s mother, Ms Yang, said: “Her teacher and principal drove to our home and knocked on our door. I thought it was an ordinary pencil prick; I didn’t think it was such a big deal.

“But when I saw the injury in person, the pencil was embedded in her palm, even the wood.”

The girl remains in the hospital following the operation and is expected to make a full recovery.

Doctor Li said: “Don’t run with pencils, box-cutters, or any sharp objects.

“In the event of an injury, do not pull the object out. Go to a hospital instead to avoid possible secondary injuries.”

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