German Minister Asks Public To Help Him Make COVID Masks

Picture Credit: Newsflash

A German Economics Minister has purchased a mass supply of material and appealed to people on Facebook to help him make masks.

Hubert Aiwanger, 49, is the Deputy Prime Minister of Bavaria and the Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy and was pictured on his Facebook page alongside 240 huge roles of the material that he wants people to turn into face masks.

He said there was enough material for a million masks, and on his Facebook page wrote: “To the sewing machines, all of those who can sew.”

He calculated that each roll was enough to make 5,000 masks, adding that the material was specially made for the purpose and the masks were desperately needed by old people and carers looking after them and others at risk.

Picture Credit: Newsflash

He said: “We need to get these materials to these places before in desperation they start cutting up things that are unsuitable like bedsheets.”

He said that every council would be given supplies of the material which can be turned into hundreds of masks.

The posting received an enthusiastic response from locals, such as Sabrina R. who wrote: “Thanks very much for getting so involved, we need people that are doers.”

Another named Michael W. wrote: “People like you bring back a bit of trust in politicians.”

Others confirmed their support and offered their sewing machines and themselves to start to sew the masks.

It was unclear how he would ensure that masks made outside the factory conditions were sanitary or how he would confirm that those making the masks were not themselves infected.

Picture Credit: Newsflash

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