Viral:Trolls Lose It Over Twerking Child In Church

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Video Credit: CEN/@Paulaloopz

This is the controversial video of a child dancing inside a church which has divided netizens with some claiming the young kid was ‘twerking’ during Mass.

The incident was filmed in a church in the north-central Argentine province of Santiago del Estero and posted on Twitter by netizen ‘Paulaloopz’ where it went viral with 1.3 million views.

According to ‘Paulaloopz’, her unnamed younger sister was feeling nervous in the church and decided to dance to the music to unwind so she decided to film the moment.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@Paulaloopz

She posted the footage with the message: “My sister was taken to mass and she started to twerk to ‘Hosanna’. Haha.”

However, when netizens started to criticise the young girl, ‘Paulaloopz’ stepped in and said: “For those of you who said ugly things such as ‘she is a dumb idiot’, stop being so bitter and laugh sometimes.

“She is only human and maybe she listened to the music without understanding the lyrics so she started to dance.

“Have a tea and relax!”

Netizen ‘DiegoNaza’ said: “This is what we are as a society. We all celebrate a disrespectful and bad-mannered girl. Do not tell me that she is only a child because we all were. We deserve extinction.”

‘Marianaasanch’ said: “She is possessed by twerking.”

‘DanyCba23’ wrote: “Dancing reggaeton at that age? Clearly it is not her fault, the stupid adults around her should be blamed, they are the ones teaching her these things at her age. Poor girl!”

‘Juanmpeccin’ wrote: “Catholic people have no right to express joy. You go to mass to repeat verses written by goodness knows who, and take the holy body full of hypocrisy and other things. I prefer to see her dancing and being happy.”

‘Jostipi wrote’: “This beautiful girl knows what she is doing, she found her rhythm and is dancing!”

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