GAME OF CHANTS: Morocco Fans Celebrate Shocking Win Over Spain In London’s Edgware Road

This footage shows hundreds of Morocco football fans gathered in the streets of London in a wild celebration of Morocco’s surprise victory over Spain in the 2022 World Cup.

The images were obtained by Newsflash from Lucie Bickerdike, 37, who encountered the overjoyed crowd as she was riding on the top deck of a passing bus through Edgware Road in London, on the evening of 8th December.

People were dancing and chanting and smoke bombs were set off amid jubilant celebrations of Morocco’s shocking victory against Spain’s national football team.

Spain was favoured to win, but surprisingly, it was Morocco who went home a winner after scoring three penalties at the end of the match without either team managing to score a goal.

Lucie, who shared the footage on her Twitter account, was seemingly confused at the mass gathering and said Edgware Road was “utter bedlam”, and asked in the video caption: “Did something happen in the #WorldCup?”

The Moroccan football team has been going strong in the World Cup games and managed to knock out two major European powerhouses, despite all expectations.

Amazingly, Morocco managed to gain another victory after scoring the winning goal against Portugal’s team on 10th December.

Morocco fans go wild after surprise win over Spain, in London’s Edgware Road, England, on Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2022. The Spanish team didn’t score a single penalty during the penalty shootout. (@luciebickerdike/Newsflash)

The team made history by becoming the first Arab and African country to reach the World Cup semi-finals and is set to play France on Wednesday, 14th December.