HAVING A BALL: Moroccans Celebrate Their Surprise Victory Over Spain

This footage shows thousands of Moroccans crowding the streets in a joyous celebration of their national football team’s victory over Spain in the 2022 World Cup.

Newsflash obtained the footage from Zaid Mayou, 29, an insurance manager and a proud Moroccan who took part in the euphoric bash in the city streets of Bettana, Morocco, on the evening of 8th December.

Spain came in favoured to win, but in a shocking twist, it was Morocco who went home a winner after scoring three penalties at the end of the match.

Zaid told Newsflash in an exclusive interview that it felt amazing to be watching his country’s football team being able to “withstand Spain’s attacks and dominant possession.”

“But beating them in penalties was something we didn’t expect and made the whole city to be euphoric and go out to celebrate outside, I cried and lost my voice after the final save by Bounou,” Zaid said.

The Moroccan football team has been going strong in the World Cup games and managed to knock out two major European powerhouses, despite Zaid’s predictions of the contrary.

He said: “My prediction for the next match is that unfortunately, Portugal will exploit the absence of our two starting centre-backs to score early, especially with the talent they possess (way superior to Spain’s in my opinion) and we will try to equalize but end up conceding more goals, final score 4-1 Portugal.”

Moroccans celebrate their victory over Spain in the World Cup, in Bettana, Morocco, on Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2022. According to Zaid Mayou, his prediction for the upcoming match against Portugal is a 4-1 defeat. (@ZaidMayou/Newsflash)

But amazingly, Morocco managed to gain victory after scoring the winning goal against Portugal’s team on 10th December, making Moroccan fans even more proud and exceeding their expectations.