Florida Cyclist Mauled By 9 Foot Alligator After Falling Off Bike And Ending Up In Water

This is the moment a seriously injured cyclist is put into a helicopter to be flown to hospital after being attacked by a large alligator while on a park trail ride.

The injured man, name not disclosed, was riding his bike on a trail at Halpatiokee Regional Park in the city of Stuart in Martin County located in the US state of Florida at around 11am on 19th July.

He reportedly lost control of his bank and tumbled six feet down an embankment and into a body of water when he was attacked by the alligator.

The alligator who injured a man at Halpatiokee Park in Stuart, Florida, USA. (@MartinCountySheriffsOffice/Newsflash)

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement: “A bicyclist suffered serious injuries after being severely bitten by a large alligator while on trail ride.

“The female gator, which measured about 9-feet, grabbed ahold of the man, severely injuring him. The cyclist was able to break free then crawl to an area where he was assisted by a bystander.”

Martin County Fire Rescue, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office and Florida Fish and Wildlife Officers provided first aid and secured the scene, then drove the victim over a mile to the park area where a helicopter was waiting.

The alligator who injured a man at Halpatiokee Park in Stuart, Florida, USA. (@MartinCountySheriffsOffice/Newsflash)

With the help of a trapper, the local authorities were able to track the alligator and trap it.

The police said: “Trapper John Davidson was able to locate and trap the gator shortly after the incident. FWC Officers are in charge of the investigation.”