FIREMAN’S LIFT: Azerbaijan Firefighters Rescue Nine People From A Fire

A terrifying nightmare for people trapped in a broken elevator as a blaze broke out in the building ended when brave firefighters pulled them to safety.

The footage shows the trapped people including a child being pulled to safety through the hatch on the top of the elevator by firefighters who climbed up the side of the building to reach them.

The dramatic footage was captured at an unspecified location in Azerbaijan on 31st October.

Newsflash obtained the footage from the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Azerbaijan, along with a statement that said: “On the basis of the calls received on the “112” hotline of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, emergency rescue operations were carried out by the relevant agencies of the Ministry for 26 fire escapes and 5 cases of being helpless.

Firefighters rescue people from fire in Azerbaijan. (Ministry of Emergency Situations/Newsflash)

“As a result of the emergency measures taken, the fires were quickly extinguished and people’s lives were saved. In total, 9 people, including 1 minor, were rescued by the forces of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

The footage shows rescuers pulling out the young boy through the narrow opening of an elevator shaft, followed by another person.

Firefighters worked their way in and around what is apparently an apartment building to get everyone out safely and reportedly managed to save a total of nine people, including one minor.