Firefighter Rescues Cute Dogs From 115ft Mine Shaft

Story By: Jonathan Macias, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/Bomberos Ponferrada

This is the moment a firefighter rescues two pooches after they fell down a 115-foot ventilation shaft becoming stuck in a dark mine – and they survived.

Four firemen from the Ponferrada Fire Service in the province of Leon, in the Spanish autonomous community of Castile and Leon, were called to the 35-metre (115-foot) mine ventilation chimney to rescue the two dogs that were trapped inside.

Pictures Credit: CEN/Bomberos Ponferrada

The incident happened in an area known as Santa Cruz de Montes, in the Leon municipality of Torre del Bierzo.

According to local media, the two hunting dogs were running along a path when they suddenly deviated and fell down the shaft.

Pictures Credit: CEN/Bomberos Ponferrada

The hunters who they belonged to reportedly noticed the fall because they heard the blows and the barking.

Local media report the hunters then called the fire service and firefighters then checked he level of oxygen in the chimney and, after seeing that it was less than fifteen percent a few metres down, they were forced to intervene with autonomous breathing equipment.

Pictures Credit: CEN/Bomberos Ponferrada

The shaft down which the dogs fell, which is reportedly very narrow, has vertical and inclined sections and significant narrow sections, which prevented access to the dogs on the first rescue attempt.

In the video, a firefighter can be seen with the oxygen tank on his back as he makes his way down the shaft before the first dog is pulled to safety.

The second pooch is then lifted out of the chimney and the hero fighter follows behind. He is said to have been forced to carry out the rescue in sections because of the difficulty of coming up out of the chimney.

The rescue took two hours and the dogs are said to have been unharmed.

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