Businessman Murdered By Stalker Of Stunning Greek Dancer

Story By: James KingSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

A businessman has been stabbed to death by an obsessive stalker who believed he was an obstacle to a relationship with this stunning Greek dancer.

Good looking and successful Spyros Karelis, 35, who had previously been in a relationship with the dancer’s sister, was attacked after he was leaving work in the Greek town of Nafpaktos by Andreas Roupakias, 32, and died later after being admitted to intensive care.

After the killing, Roupakias was arrested and quizzed by police in the mountainous Aetolia region of Greece on the north coast of the Gulf of Corinth.

@anastasia_giousef/ Newsflash

He admitted that he had been in love with Anastasia Giousef, and was convinced that the only obstacle to their happiness together was Spyros.

He said he followed her on social media constantly, and in an interview with Greek TV after the killing, she had admitted knowing him but saying she had only wanted to be nice to him and had not realised he was so obsessed.

Anastasia told T-Live: “I met him in Nafpaktos, where I had gone to do a performance in a shop. He approached me, talked to me, asked me for a picture. I’m generally very approachable for my fans, although he was a bit intense. He didn’t take his gaze off me, and he was always there when I was doing dancing performances. He kept telling me to make him a friend on Facebook. I didn’t want to upset him, and I saw that he really wanted it, so finally, I agreed and made him a friend, and uploaded a picture of us together.”


She said she noticed that he was not reasonable and was becoming more difficult, and when she realised he was not getting the message that there was no relationship she said she had decided to block him.

Roupakias, 32, believed she had acted under pressure from the businessman and attacked him with a kitchen knife at his work on 5 February.

Roupakias said: “I was obsessed with her but he wouldn’t let her come to me. So I attacked him. I wanted to confront him man-to-man.”


He said he had tried to put the other man in a headlock, but he had proved stronger than he imagined, and when he realised he was about to get a beating, he had pulled out the knife to defend himself.

He claimed he had only taken the knife in self-defence, and had tried not to inflict killing blows when he stabbed the other man.

He also said that in any case, he was not properly in control of his actions ever since having a serious motorbike accident eight years ago.


He said: “It affected my brain when I was hit by the car. I become very excitable and irritable, and get excessively angry over minor things where I can’t control myself.”

The dead man was an only child and leaves behind a mother who tragically is widowed after losing her own husband some years ago in a car accident.

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