FIGHTING SPIRIT: Moment Brave Girl, 5, Takes On Mugger Knifeman After He Attacks Her Mum For Her iPhone 12

This is the moment a brave five-year-old girl takes on a knife-wielding mugger after he attacked her mother in the street and tried to stab her for her iPhone 12.

The footage shows the girl and her mother, both unnamed, walking along the street at night when the mugger runs up behind them and attacks the woman.

The little girl is having none of it and she immediately starts hitting the mugger with her tiny fists.

CCTV footage from a different angle then appears to show the stunned mugger, wearing a biker helmet, fleeing the scene empty-handed before a local resident, who reportedly heard their cries for help, could even intervene.

The incident took place in Bien Hoa, the capital city of Dong Nai Province, in south-eastern Vietnam, near Ho Chi Minh City, on Sunday, 27th November.

The mugger had reportedly first approached on a motorbike for this mounting out of shot and finishing his approach on foot.

He was allegedly wielding a knife and was after the mother’s mobile phone, reportedly an iPhone 12. He even allegedly tried to stab her before fleeing empty-handed, according to local media.

The mum reportedly suffered a neck injury. There have been no updates on her condition.

The police arrested a suspect named as Nguyen Quang Vinh, 26, two days later, according to local media.

He had reportedly just been released from jail last year for robbery.

It was unclear at the time of writing if he had been formally charged for this latest robbery.