FEELING BLUE: Anger Over Bright Blue Tap Water

A homeowner has told of the horrifying moment she found bright blue water running from the kitchen tap.

A viral snap posted by South African Twitter user ‘Ntombi M’ shows what looks like a blue WKD alcopop filling up a glass.

At the time of writing, it had been viewed 1.7 million times.

Footage she filmed also shows blue-hued water running from the tap into a glass in the kitchen sink.

Ntombi wrote: “The little water coming out of our taps RN. It’s BLLLUUUEEEEE

“There’s some coming out now again and they’re still blue, just lighter in colour … angisazi.

“@CityofJoburgZA @JHBWater can anyone at least let us know what this blue colour is in the water? Is it normal or safe? We are still water shedding in our area btw”.

Local media said the footage was filmed in Johannesburg on 30th January amid low water levels in local reservoirs.

Picture shows a glass filled with blue water, in Johannesburg, South Africa, undated. The woman that took the picture was shocked when she opened her water tap only to find blue water coming out. (@_ntombim_/CEN)

Replying to another Twitter user, Ntombi revealed: “I’m in Braamfontein Werf.

“We’re watershedding so it’s not a strong stream of this. I was taking my chances filling the kettle and got this blue water instead”.

Joburg Water spokeswoman Puleng Mopeli later said: “It is suspected to be copper from the building.

“However, we will confirm once the results are issued from the lab which will be 24 hours after the samples have been tested.”

Ntombi took to Twitter again on 31st January to write: “UPDATE: The blue water is isolated to our apartment and has been resolved.

“Thank you to @JHBWater and the independent plumber we worked with for their speedy response.”

Twitter user ‘Mbonjeni’ joked: “If you’re vaccinated, drink, trust the science.”