Evil Gran Chops 2yo Tots Ear Clean Off With Scissors

Story ByJohn FengSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyAsia Wire Report

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Picture Credit: AsiaWire

This is the adorable toddler who had his ear chopped clean off with a pair of scissors by his friend next door’s grandmother while the young pair played outside.

This toddler’s right ear was severed when his neighbour’s grandmother sheared it clean off with a pair of scissors.

The horrific incident happened as the two-year-old named only as ‘Xuan Xuan’ was playing with his young neighbour outside their homes in Wuwei, which is a city in north-western China’s Gansu Province.

Xuan Xuan’s family members recalled hearing loud cries and rushing outside to find the right side of the boy’s head bleeding heavily on 14th April.

Xuan Xuan’s older brother, aged seven, was present at the time of the shocking attack, and alleged that the neighbour’s nan, who has not been named, snipped it off.

Doctor He Ruxiang, with the Lanzhou Hand & Foot Surgical Hospital in the provincial capital, said: “The boy is two years and seven months old. 

“His right ear was completely severed. We performed emergency surgery to reattach it.”

Calling it a “very difficult operation”, Doctor He and his team were able to stitch Xuan Xuan’s right ear back on in time to save it.

He remains hospitalised four days after the surgery and his condition will continue to be observed.

Xuan Xuan’s dad Zhang, who was identified by his surname, said: “The police found it. It was a pair of scissors.

“The officers were here yesterday asking after our child. The neighbour’s grandad – the husband of the woman [who cut off Xuan Xuan’s ear] – also came to visit.”

The grandmother has reportedly been detained, with an investigation ongoing.

However, her motives were still unclear at the time of writing.

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