Medics Leave Surgical Scissors Inside Womans Stomach

Story By: Simon Glover, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

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Picture Credit: AsiaWire

A woman complaining of sharp stomach pains was rushed to hospital where X-rays revealed a pair of surgical scissors had been left inside her abdomen from surgery that took place months earlier.

The woman, named only as C Maheshwari, 33, was rushed to Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, in the city of Hyderabad in southern India’s Telangana, in agony.

Relatives suspected her pain was linked to a hernia operation she underwent at the same hospital in November and it turned out they were right but not in the way they had expected.

Ms Maheshwari was suffering not from the after effects of the previous operation but from the large pair of curved scisssors that the surgeon had accidentally left in her stomach.

Now she has had to undergo a second operation to remove the scissors – and to repair any damage they have caused during the three months they have been inside her body.

The woman’s shocked family, who claim the hospital tried to hush up the incident at first, have lodged an official complaint against the surgeon.

One relative, who declined to be named, said: “She kept complaining on and off of stomach ache but we thought it was due to the surgery.”

Dr Kandakatla Manohar, the director of Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, promised a full investigation and action against the surgeon if appropriate.

The hospital has also confirmed that Ms Maheshwari would not be charged for the operation to remove the scissors from her stomach.

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