Stray Dog Found With Large Scissors Sticking Out Of Eye

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Video Credit: CEN/@MundoPatitas

This poor dog has been found with a huge pair of scissors stuck in its eye and it can be seen yelping in pain as rescuers try to remove them from its socket.

The stray pooch, dubbed ‘Chincolo’ by local residents in the village of San Miguel Xaltocan in the municipality of Nextlalpan in the central Mexican state of Mexico, was found with scissors in its eye and taken to a veterinary clinic.

According to local media, shocked residents called the NGO ‘Mundo Patitas’ and workers accompanied residents to the clinic in the capital Mexico City.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@MundoPatitas

Vets are currently carrying out scans and checking the stray dog’s injuries after apparently being attacked by a resident.

Locals also reported the matter to the local authorities to demand action against the suspected perpetrator.

One resident told local media: “We do not know if the dog will survive as he is a very old.”

According to the authorities, the suspect is an elderly man in the area who has injured other stray dogs before.

It is currently unclear whether the suspect has been arrested yet as the investigation continues.

Meanwhile, ‘Mundo Patitas’ has released shocking images of the poor pooch with a large pair of scissors protruding from its eye as well as the treatment it received at the veterinary clinic.

Ana Lacasa

I am a senior writer and journalist and editor of the Spanish desk for the Central European News agency.

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