Escaped Horses Lead Police On Slow Chase Around Town

Officers in Pennsylvania engaged in a bizarre pursuit as they followed slowly behind two runaway horses before they were safely retrieved by their owners.

An animal control officer and police from two departments joined forces to corral the pair of escaped thoroughbred horses trotting through Hulmeville, in the US State of Pennsylvania on 28th March.

Hulmeville Borough Police Department’s Officer Ryan Gaffney, Penndel Borough Police Chief Sean Perry, a Middletown animal control officer, and nearly a dozen members of the public came together when the horses were spotted near a small-town inn.

The horses’ owner confirmed that his retired racers had escaped from their pen.

The equine escapees led their pursuers on a 30-minute chase through the town before the owner managed to lure them with treats.

Once within reach, the officers and the owner were able to put bridles on the horses and lead them safely back home.