Engineers Use Plank To Repair Intercity Train Seat

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Workers repairing a broken seat on an intercity train in Ukraine caused some hilarity after using a wooden plank to prop up the seat.

The repair work was needed after the seat started sloping backwards on the intercity train operating on the line between the city of Kharkiv in north-eastern Ukraine and the city of Lviv.

Picture Credit: CEN

When passengers got on, they noticed that rather than replacing the seat or fixing it properly, the engineers had simply placed a wooden plank on the floor as a support and screwed it into the back of the chair.

A photo that was taken by one passenger was then posted online by Facebook user ‘Vadim Ovchar’ who wrote: “This is what you call Intercity! What have you got to say to that Elon Musk?”

The post caused some amusement among online commentators like ‘Yaroslav Maksimel’ who wrote: “This is crazy. Is it for real?!”

While another, ‘Evgeny Mazur’, added: “At least there is a rug!”

Neither local officials nor representatives of Ukrainian Railways commented on the incident which was reported in local media.

Ukrainian Railways is a state-owned enterprise of rail transport that has a monopoly on rail transport in the country which has 23,000 kilometres (14,291 miles) of track which makes it the 13th largest in the world.

It is also the world’s sixth-largest rail passenger transporter and the seventh-largest freight transporter in the world.

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