Drivers Reverse Parking Fail Seen 90m Times In 2 Days

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Video Credit: AsiaWire / Xiaoxiang-Jiongge

This viral video – already seen over 90 million times in just two days – shows a bungling driver repeatedly struggling to reverse his car into a parking space before finally giving up altogether.

The amusing video was filmed by a resident of the city of Huaihua, in Central China’s Hunan Province, and shared to the hugely popular short-video platform ‘Douyin’ – known in English-speaking markets as Tik Tok.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire / Xiaoxiang-Jiongge

The clip posted just 48 hours ago on 23th September by user ‘Xiaoxiang-Jiongge’, 30, has been watched more than 80 million times, and shows the motorist reversing his white SUV into a car park.

He is presented with a relatively wide parking space, into which he begins reversing.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire / Xiaoxiang-Jiongge

But the blundering man is unable to get his angles right and repeatedly fails to reverse park.

Hilariously, one of his acquaintances appears halfway through the clip to try guide him into the parking spot.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire / Xiaoxiang-Jiongge

The pair end up trying in vain to push the SUV from either side with their hands in order to reposition the vehicle.

In the end, the motorist gives up and leaves his car parked sideways across two parking space before leaving.

The video has been liked more than 1.9 million times on Tik Tok, while viewers on China’s Twitter-like microblogging service Sina Weibo having watched the footage an additional 12 million times at the time of writing.

In a hilarious second clip, the Tik Tok user catches the same motorist returning on another occasion – this time leaving his car parked horizontally across two parking spaces after failing again to reverse it in.

The user commented: “Did you buy your licence?”

‘Lovelyeee’, a Weibo user, wrote: “is his steering wheel stuck?”

‘Xiaofan Baba’ added: “The videos must be staged – they can’t both be that stupid!”

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