Driver Who Blocked Ambulance With Sick Boy Loses Licence

Story By: Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Newsflash


This arrogant driver who sat in his car and refused to move blocking an ambulance carrying a sick child for two minutes has had his licence confiscated.

The incident took place in the western Russian city of Yaroslavl in the region of the same name when a man named on social media as Elvin Musaev was stopped on a narrow road.

In the video, the ambulance which is illuminating the scene with its blue lights flashing is in front of the man’s car as he sits behind the steering well and he completely ignores the medical transport.


Local media report the ambulance was carrying a sick boy, whose age is not reported, but the driver in front whose age was not given makes no attempt to move.

The ambulance driver waits for over a minute before sounding his sirens, but the driver still refuses to move and at one point even drives towards the emergency vehicle.

The two drivers then both leave their vehicles and get into a verbal dispute, with the ambulance driver telling the other man he risked criminal charges for not letting his ambulance pass.


Reports state the driver eventually let the ambulance past. There are no updates on the sick boy’s condition.

An investigation is ongoing. It is unclear why the driver who is married and has a child of his own did not let the ambulance past as he declined to comment when questioned by reporters about losing his licence for three months.

Local media added that he also faces criminal charges for failing to let the ambulance pass.

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