DRINK DRIVE KILLER: Six-Year-Old Boy Mowed Down Three Times By Boozed Motorist


A serial drink driver who killed a six-year-old boy by running him over three times with his SUV is facing murder charges.

Accused Pablo Alberto Hernandez, 52, is reported to have run down the young victim in a car park in Houston, Texas, USA on 1st October.

One of his wheels drove straight over the terrified lad’s face.

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The boy – named only as L. D. in local media – was walking across the car park with his grandfather when he was hit by drunk Hernandez’s car.

According to court documents, L. D.’s grandfather yelled at the driver, only for him to reverse back over the boy.

He reportedly came to a stop when one of the tyres was on top of the youngster’s face.

The grandfather yelled at the driver again, only for him to drive forward and run the boy over a third time.

As the grandfather shouted again, Hernandez looked at him with a “smirk” and tried to drive away.

But the furious granddad wrenched him from the driving seat and pinned him to the bonnet before onlookers restrained him on the tarmac.

Cops swiftly arrived and arrested Hernandez.

Sadly, the victim was already dead by the time paramedics arrived.

Hernandez was taken into custody, where he told police he had drunk four cans of beer while parked at his workplace before driving to the car park, where he had arranged to meet “someone who owed him money”.

He was charged with murder and driving while intoxicated.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office said: “Just before 7pm on 10/01/2022, Defendant drove his SUV into the parking lot of a washeteria located in the 9600 block of Leawood Blvd in Houston, where he struck a 6 year old child (boy) who was walking across the parking lot with his grandfather.

“The grandfather yelled at Defendant who stopped and then backed up and ran over the child again, causing one of the tires to stop and rest on the face of the child.

“The grandfather yelled at Defendant again, and he drove forward and ran over the the child a third and final time.

“When the grandfather yelled again that the Defendant ran over his grandchild, Defendant smirked at him and attempted to drive away.

“Grandfather pulled Defendant from the vehicle and pinned him against the hood until other witnesses came and took the Defendant to the ground where they held him until police arrived.

“Defendant later admitted to drinking four 16 ounce beers while in his vehicle parked at his work place just before driving to the washeteria where he was going to meet someone who owed him money.

“Defendant said that his wife had offered to come pick him up but he told her that he could still drive.

“He claimed that he did not see anyone walking in the parking lot at the time he struck the child.”

The complaint continued: “Defendant has demonstrated a repeated apathy towards admonishments and orders from judges and continues to drive after drinking.

“The fact that Defendant is currently being supervised by the State for felony DWI from March 2020 and still chooses to drink and drive and put the citizens of Harris County and other Texas counties at risk of death is a strong indicator that Defendant does not care to follow any orders and will continue to do as he chooses to do unless he remains in custody.

“There are no adequate bond conditions to prevent him from doing this again.”