TOTTERING ON THE EDGE: Police Save Sobbing Two-Year-Old Boy From Window Ledge

This is the moment two Moscow cops save a screaming two-year-old boy from a window ledge while his drunken father was unconscious inside.

Newsflash obtained the footage and statement from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia regarding the incident which took place on Dubninskaya Street, in Moscow, the capital of Russia.

According to the statement, the duty unit of the local Police Department received a call from citizens about a child who was standing in the open window of a house on Dubninskaya Street, and no one was opening the door to the apartment.

Police rescue a boy from a window in a building in Moscow, Russia in undated footage. (Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia/Newsflash).

Upon arrival at the scene, senior police sergeant Nikita Popkov and police sergeant Sergei Nekrasov, reportedly saw the frightened boy standing on the window ledge screaming.

The footage shows Officer Nikita Popkov climbing from the ground-floor window whilst using its security bars and the gas pipe for support, while his partner remained below for safety.

The senior police sergeant can be seen climbing onto the windowsill, taking the tot in his arms, and calming him down.

As stated in the report, the officers found an man on the floor after they went inside the room, who turned out to be the child’s unnamed 39-year-old father.

They reportedly checked his pulse and breathing and sensed a strong smell of alcohol on him.

Having come to his senses, the father of the child reportedly explained that he had drunk and fell asleep.

The man and his young son were reportedly taken to the police station, where the child’s mother – also unnamed – who had been at work, arrived.

The police said they held a preventive conversation with the father and mother and reminded them of their responsibilities as parents following the incident.