Doncaster Cops Make Girls Day With Birthday Surprise

Story By: Alex Cope, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Newsflash

Credit: Newsflash/Lee Wild

This is the heartwarming moment Doncaster police officers blare music from their van and come to say happy birthday to a young girl who wants to join the force when she is older.

The touching scenes were recorded by father Lee Wild, 31, who organised the surprise for his daughter Mia on her birthday in the Edlington area of Doncaster, South Yorkshire and the youngster said the surprise helped make it “the best day ever”.

In the video, the police van can be seen coming down the street blaring Stevie Wonder’s classic ‘Happy Birthday’ as Mia can be seen in her front garden.

The van stops outside her house and an officer steps out saying “hello, alright Mia, you had your birthday this week didn’t you. We weren’t working but somebody’s daddy told us that you did so we’ve come down to say happy birthday. Have you had a good day?”

Dad Lee told Newsflash: “Mia was really happy, she had a very big smile and told me and her mum it was the best day ever.

“The neighbours thought it was lovely of the police to do that and to take time out to make a little girl happy.”

Wild explained to Newsflash that he works closely with the South Yorkshire police in his role as an environmental officer for the local authority and so he contacted his local policy team “and asked if they could assist with making her birthday special with it being within lockdown”.

He said that local Sergeant Liam Watson “was very helpful” and added: “Mia has always wanted to be a police officer.”

Doncaster West NHP wrote on the video: “You are very welcome Lee, thank you for asking us to help celebrate her special day.”

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