Spain Cops Seize Over A Tonne Of Cannabis On Way To UK

Story By: Lisa-Maria Goertz, Sub-Editor: Michael Leidig, Agency: Central European News

Customs police have seized 1,250 kilogrammes of cannabis and arrested one man who they suspect runs a drug smuggling route between southern Spain and the UK.

The incident happened in the small coastal town of San Javier, in the southern Spanish region of Murcia when the cops seized 1,250 kilogrammes (2,756 lbs) of cannabis during a raid.

Spanish authorities confirmed that they have arrested a 34-year-old Indian man who is suspected of repeatedly sending drug packages to the UK.


According to local media, the man was living on a tourist complex by a golf course and had various high-end cars in his possession without any proven means of income.

The civil guard of Murcia report that the arrest is part of an operation by the name of Redblock.

The operation began in May when police noticed the suspicious behaviour of a man who frequently sent packages to various cities in the United Kingdom, always using the same transport company.

According to local media, the suspect went about his business totally unnoticed, pretending to be a tourist and using vehicles with British license plates.

After further investigation, the police reportedly discovered that the packages were sent using a series of false IDs with different names.

Police gained a warrant to open one of the packages, inside which they found the large quantity of cannabis, which was wrapped in various layers, vacuum packed and drenched in a strong-smelling liquid to avoid detection.

Officers arrested the suspect soon afterwards on suspicion of drug trafficking. They searched the man’s house and confiscated all items possibly related to illicit activities.

According to official sources, the investigation remains open and Spanish authorities are working with UK police to investigate the destinations of the packages.

This is the third drug trafficking operation carried out in the area in the last few days according to local media.

In May another operation called ‘Lodon’ dismantled a group of 14 people with more than 300 cannabis plants, cocaine, heroin and hash.

A third operation by the name of ‘Codro’ also uncovered a drug route to the northern Spanish region of Asturias and ended with the detention of two suspects and large quantities of different types of drugs.

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