Pro Fortnite Gamer Flies Into Rage At Mum Live On Web

Story ByAna LacasaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News

Video Credit: CEN/@MarkiLokurasY

This is the moment a professional Fortnite gamer streams himself flying into a fit of rage and beating an inflatable punch bag with a baseball bat after his mum accidentally switches his air conditioner to blow hot air.

The startling incident occurred when Marcos Barragan, better known as MariLokuras who is a Spanish professional player of Fortnite and belongs to the eSports team Team Heretics, was interrupted by his mother while he was live streaming for his 480,000 followers on streaming platform Twitch.

In the video, the gamer’s mother walks into his bedroom as he is streaming and goes to switch his air conditioning unit on. 

Pictures Credit: CEN/@MarkiLokurasY

However, she accidentally switches the unit to blow out hot air and Barragan loses his temper, shouting at her and calling her an “a*sehole”.

He then begins punching an inflatable punch bag in front of his mum before grabbing a baseball bat and beating the bag with it.

He then howls in excitement after beating the bag before returning to his stream.

Local media report the gamer began receiving criticism for his behaviour on the stream’s chat section so he called his mum on the phone and explained that he was being slammed for his behaviour.

His mother, who has not been named in reports, reportedly said that those criticising her son were “a*seholes” and “idiots” who did not know him.

Some viewers went on to criticise the mum, saying “like mother like son”.

Barragan, who is reportedly from the Andalusia region of southern Spain and has over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube, wrote to his fans on social media, saying: “I understand that from the outside I could look like a crazy person” and added “although it is my relationship with my mum, I am going to try to stop because the truth is there are children (on the platform) who could be influenced by it”. 

He added: “It was not right to answer my mum like that, but that’s the problem of having a good relationship with my mum, that sometimes it can be seen in a different way, and the stuff with the punch bag is separate, I beat it up because I wanted to, nothing else.”

Netizen ‘GarazCia’ said: “People who justify this kind of behaviour because they are allegedly confident you do not realise that streamers and influencers influence the minds of their followers. This behaviour cannot be acceptable and even less if they are his parents.”

While ‘Dilerion_Games’ wrote: “A really spoilt boy who isn’t punished much. At that age if I did that to my parents the following day I would not have a PC or internet.”

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