DEADLY BLOW: Tornado That Killed Five-Year-Old Boy Leaves Trail Of Destruction In Georgia, USA

This footage shows the devastating impact a powerful tornado had after it tore through the US state of Georgia.

A five-year-old Georgian boy reportedly lost his life after being struck by a falling tree during the severe weather.

Dozens of homes were reportedly wrecked, power poles were damaged and trees were snapped in half as the tornado passed through the city of LaGrange.

The true size of the disastrous consequences was slowly revealed after the storm passed, however, after raging across the state on 12th January.

A video captured by an anonymous witness who happened to be passing through LaGrange on the way to Atlanta shows the aftermath.

The 52-year-old commercial director, who chose to stay anonymous, told Newsflash the scenes were captured a mile south of I-85 near LaGrange.

In the video, community workers can be seen walking among dozens of trees that have been ripped off the ground.

Emergency crews appear to be hard at work clearing up the damage and regulating traffic.

As the camera turns to the right, a large lorry can be seen lying overturned by the roadside.

Picture shows the aftermath of a tornado, in LaGrange, Georgia, on Thursday, Jan. 12, 2023. Tornadoes mostly form when warm, humid air collides with cold, dry air. (@BlueATLGeorgia/Newsflash)

The American Red Cross of Georgia announced multiple shelters were being opened to welcome families that have been affected by the tornado.