Dangling Woman On Drugs Falls From High Power Cables

Story ByAna LacasaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News 

This is the shocking moment a young woman dangles from a high power line after trying to escape from the cops before plummeting to the ground as firefighters do nothing but look on.

The incident was filmed in Santa Monica in the city of Medellin in the north-western Colombian department of Atlantico after the woman was reported to the police for apparently behaving under the influence of drugs, according to reports.

Picture Credit: CEN

When the police arrived on the scene, the woman reportedly ran away and climbed a tree to get away from them.

One of the police officers told reporters: “The fire brigade was contacted while we tried to negotiate with the woman to make her come down from the tree.”

Reports said that the emergency services requested a vehicle with an extendable ladder, and when it arrived the woman left the tree and started shuffling across the nearby power cables.

Picture Credit: CEN

In the video, the woman is seen hanging from the power line as firefighters on the ground appear to do nothing other than wait for her to fall from a great height.

The woman inevitably falls from the cables and lands hard at the base of the tree, which is when firefighters finally start to act.

Remarkably, the young woman only sustained minor injuries in the fall.

The local police said: “She did not suffer any serious injuries and received treatment at the scene before being taken to hospital.”

Local media said that she was released from hospital the following day and only sustained blows to various parts of her body.

It is unclear whether the police are investigating the woman for any offence.

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