Cute Bird Uses Beak To Provide Teeth Scrubbing Service To Corgi Pal

This is the adorable moment a pet cockatiel uses its beak to provide a teeth and nail cleaning service to its canine pal.

The cute clip was filmed by the animal’s owner Ms Guo at her home in the city of Zhengzhou in the landlocked Chinese province of Henan, and the footage has been widely shared on the social network Douyin, which is what TikTok is known as in China.

The owner said the bird is a cockatiel, a small parrot in the cockatoo family, and the dog is a corgi, and that they have been together for nearly a year.

Dog enjoys parrot’s teeth picking service in Zhengzhou, China. (gudugudupaop/AsiaWire)

She said the bird sometimes pesters the dog, but it never gets angry with its tiny parrot pal.

One reason the unlikely friends get on so well is that the cockatiel apparently provides grooming services for the dog.

In the footage, the corgi is seen baring its teeth and keeping its mouth open so its little buddy can peck away the remaining morsels of meat and bone.

Dog enjoys parrot’s teeth picking service in Zhengzhou, China. (gudugudupaop/AsiaWire)

The second video shows the bird pecking clean one of the dog’s nails before giving its teeth another scrub, and getting licked lots of times in the process.

Ms Guo said the dog had just eaten its dinner so the bird put its head in the canine’s mouth to search for stubborn pieces of meat and bone before giving its nails some loving attention as well.